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Wedding Shopping, Lets Make It Fun Rather Than Stressful

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Wedding? It is a Big Event. It is a very important day.

Shopping? It is fun. It is enjoyable.

Wedding + Shopping? uhmmm... 

Based with my observations, it is kind of stressful for most. As I have been working with brides, couples and wedding planners for a few years now, from being an Event Sales Coordinator to having my own bridal retail business-SiS Bridal & Fashion, I am able to see the stress of Wedding Shopping brings. And being in this industry for a while now brought me a wonderful experience and knowledge in which I would like to impart to everyone, especially to the brides-to-be. 

First, enjoy the moment, the feeling, when the love of your life finally put the ring on your finger. Then, when you both are ready to talk and plan for the "Big Day", make it sweet, exciting & fun. Make your Wedding Planning simple, but create a Grand & Unforgettable Day of your lives-Your Wedding Day. Just don't forget to include all the essential parts to tick on your check list, you don't need many just the important ones. This Big Day to come is to celebrate your togetherness and long and lasting love, so have your own Binder/Book for your checklists. 

(assuming that you and your partner have agreed to get it to the next step--Your Wedding Day)


It is very important to set the date of your Wedding Day before anything else. Once you agreed to it, everything becomes easier, and the rest follows. 


Lets face it, we are all looking forward to a bright future with our partner and the family we are going to build so we wouldn't want to spend more than what we are capable of. Though this Wedding Day is "Special & Big", still, we have to be practical as there are so many ways to make it memorable within your allocated budget. As they say "If there's a will there's a way. Though my tip is, for example: you allocate $20,000 allow some allowance of atleast $3,000 of other stuff that you might not be able to bend the price for. Prepare an allowance of spending a bit more so when the time comes you wouldn't be stressing out where to get the money from, or in short.. Do the Minimum Budget and the Maximum , and never exceed to the Maximum Budget. 


Make sure you don't forget the people who matter to you both. Your Family & Friends. If it is a small wedding, get the closest ones to witness your day. No need to pressure yourself of inviting many people if not necessary. And of course include the list of your Bridal Party.


It is important to know the theme or even just the color scheme for your big day so that you know what would you be looking for from invitations, venues, bridal party outfits, cakes,flowers, etc. You would be able to coordinate things accordingly.

You may check Weddedwonderland for Wedding Inspiration/wedding inspo.


Decide if the wedding ceremony & the wedding reception would be in the same place, otherwise book it separately. You can choose either a garden wedding, a beach wedding, winery, home etc. Make sure you get the contact details of the person you can coordinate your big day with- whom you can make follow ups with. If hiring for your reception it is best to hire a place where there is already catering so you don't have to worry. All you need to do is just mention to the Event Coordinator the amount you are willing to pay for the reception. You may choose from a Stand Up (Cocktail Setup)Sitdown (2-3 meal course). Normally they would offer you a package wherein it would include all the basics of what your Wedding Reception would need so that would be another less stress for you. 



Once the Venue/s are confirmed then you can easily start doing the invites. Don't forget to write the RSVP contact number and date for final confirmation to make sure you don't pay extras on the reception.


One good thing of new technology is being able to make your search for whatever you need easier. You may even use your facebook search to find the ones you are searching for, or normally you can ask from your friends, family, event coordinators for recommendations (it narrows your selection and much easier) As soon as you get referrals, then you can start Googling their business names and background before you make your final decision. In Australia we have Easy Weddings website where brides can get ideas of the different wedding suppliers in their area. Then finally when you have found the one, make an appointment and book with them. 


The most important one, of course , is making you the Queen that you are, especially on the big day. Many brides don't know what they want and that is the real dilemma as for me it is important to know what look would you like to achieve on your Big Day. Princess? Classic? Simple yet Elegant? Sparkling? You have to have an idea before you go to the shops as it would just be crucial for you to be browsing all sort of rack collections. Make sure you do your research online or by asking questions to your close friends and family in regards to where is the best possible best bridal shop to go, and of course Mr Google is helpful too as well as Facebook page and Facebook groups. The good thing now a days is , social media makes it easier for us to actually find what we are looking for. Pictures online, promotions online, and all. So once you have found the bridal shop you wish to visit try the dresses you think is within your cup of tea and learn to say " NO" if it something that the shop assistant is wanting you to try but you know deep within that it is not something you would love. It is truly important to know yourself and your own style. Also, you can be upfront of the budget you are willing to spend so you both don't waste your time trying on dresses which may not be in your budget range. Purchase atleast 6 months before your big day., and don't forget your shoes and jewelries too.

I just wanna share my favorite well known Bridal Collections are from Leo Almodal, Jun Escario, Rei Escario, Berta Bridal and the ever known Michael Cinco who happens to be from our home town. 

But of course with the goal of SiS Bridal & Fashion where in we would like to help Brides-To-Be that are budget conscious yet don't want to compromise on quality & style we have gone beyond to discover young, talented designers who are on the way to capturing the limelight-- our very own designers from Viva Couture & Laura Couture. They are our pride and we're very much grateful in partnering with them as we are able to contribute for the success of One's Big Day.


How would you like your best friends, your sisters, your cousins walk with you on the aisle? What sort of look would you want for them?Long or Short Dresses?

Whatever your options would be, just consider how comfortably they would be with your choice. Remember, Happy Bridesmaids makes a Happy Bride . ;-) 

Our Convertible Infinity Dress is one of our best sellers for bridesmaids dresses , One Size Fits Most. Suits all body types. One Dress in 24 or more styles.

ORGANIZE MEETINGS & APPOINTMENTS FOR YOUR FITTINGS , TRIALS, & FINALIZATONS OF EVERYTHING FOR YOUR BIG DAY... grab a glass of champagne, get some spa massage and get your beauty rest before the big day. 

Good Luck!

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