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Achieve a Million Bucks Look on Your Wedding Day

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SiS Bridal & Fashion has carefully chosen designers whose couture is worth having. We are very privileged for having the talented Leo Almodal entrust us one of his beautiful creations, The Africa Princess.

If you are into something special, unique, extraordinary, this haute couture is for you. A Million Bucks Look??? With this Haute Couture you can never go wrong. Africa Princess is Richly Embellished with Thousands of Cherry Blossoms Appliques merge with Japanese Glass Pearls and Sparkled with Swarovski Crystals replicating the stars in heaven. Such intricate details is only possible with great minds and talent --Almodal Couture.

This is surely one of the Couture that your family and friends would be stoked with , especially when worn on your Big Day. Have a good look at the details. It is something that people think would leave an empty bank account. Reality strikes, a haute couture like this comes with a price---but that's why SiS Bridal & Fashion exist. A haute couture will always be a haute couture, extravagant! However SiS Bridal & Fashion understands majority of the market's demand. Honestly speaking, market price would fall between $15,000-$50,000.00, but with our hard work and genuine intention to deliver great joy to brides-to-be, providing a couture at a reasonable price, Almodal has understood our sincere mission and vision, hence he genuinely accommodated us. We proudly bring and introduce his couture to the direct market in Melbourne Australia, where brides-to-be would see , feel and try an Almodal creation offered at the most competitive price . I am a living witness that his couture is worth more than what you know is an Extravagant Designer's Brand. His couture would simply be enough to explain how it's priced, and if you are familiar with haute couture, surely you would realize how affordable it is for such creation, with all the details and quality it is made of, especially when you purchase it from SiS Bridal & Fashion. Some would pay $10,000.00-$14,000.00 or up for something that doesn't even justify the work done on the dress. I don't mean to put anyone down, I just wan't to express the whole truth. Maybe it is about time for everyone to explore more. Maybe about time to discover a designer who is more than happy to give you that real "Million Bucks Look on your Big Day". We only want to deliver a couture that would make every bride-to-be, who seeks for a real couture worth paying for, more than satisfied. For A Confident , Bold & Beautiful You wear an ALMODAL COUTURE from SIS BRIDAL & FASHION, at a reasonable cost.

What is more?...because we want beauties in Melbourne Australia, that would best suit to this couture- The Africa Princess - (body type and personality wise),to experience how it feels like to wear an Almodal Haute couture, we have decided to offer it for rent (within Melbourne Victoria), for Ceremony and Pictorial Purposes only, at a reasonable cost. Grab this opportunity! You don't need to get your bank account empty for you to wear a haute couture. You can truly achieve the Million Bucks Look on your Big Day without having to spend millions. This offer would be limited, and terms and policies would be observed carefully to ensure that this Haute Couture would remain immaculate as it is now. If you think this is the couture you have been dreaming of, SiS Bridal & Fashion is more than happy to assist you. Take this opportunity to make your big day much more memorable. SiS would also offer a Reception Dress to complete the package of your upcoming Big Day! A Haute Couture for your ceremony and photos , and a Fab Couture for your Reception Dress. Why not? With SiS, everything is possible.

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 For the knowledge of all, Leo Almodal has been catering Hollywood and Bollywood Actresses , as well as international Beauty Queens. SiS Bridal & Fashion has chosen his couture as it represents what SiS Bridal & Fashion is all about. We highly respect Mr. Leo Almodal for his talent and skills, and his genuineness in making every woman unique & distinct. He is good at choosing the perfect cut that will emphasize your curves, picking the luckiest color that will amplify your luck and best for your skin tone, and would put the details together that best compliments your personality. In his absence, since he is based in Philippines, SiS Bridal & Fashion with a veteran seamstress in Melbourne would be assisting you to make sure that your dream wedding dress will come intro reality, and assures you that an Almodal Couture would be delivered accordingly.  

Below are International beauties that appreciates an Almodal Couture.

 Miss Supranational Australia, Christiana Fischer in Leo Almodal Haute Couture.

This beauty has fallen in love with Almodal's creation. The intricate details that compliments her character. But, who wouldn't? Every woman deserves something extra ordinary, something glam, something unique, something wow. 

Miss European Tourism 2015 Lenka Josefiova in Almodal Couture.

Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell in Leo Almmodal Couture.


Every lady that comes in to our showroom never misses to say "WoW" on our Africa Princess, a haute couture from , but it truly takes the right person to wear this Haute Couture--you could be the one!

Available---Intricate Dresses , Made to Measure, or off the rack collection.

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  • Cheryl Auer on

    Love your unique bridal dresses.. please keep me updated on your range as my daughter is getting married soon.

    Thank you

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